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Your Store on every online platform

A White-Glove approach, we will do it for you in an automated way

Provide your menu, address, email, phone number and we will take care of the rest. Your menu should be available on all relevant websites so that you reach the largest audience possible, and so that your restaurant is as searchable as possible within your local community or city.
1. Google My Business
2. Facebook
3. Yelp
4. Open Table
5. Foursquare
6. Yellow Pages
7. Tripadvisor

Email Marketing

Each email subscriber is a real person. It’s time to treat them like one.

You can send personalized email for each individuals, from new visitors to repeat buyers. You can send out discount coupons, promo codes to entice your customers.


When targeting your automated emails, everything you learn about your shoppers can direct your next move. Get more of your emails opened and links clicked when you tailor each email to each subscriber.

Email marketing automation by Plazeo
Social media for restaurants marketing

Take advantage of social media platform

Marketing to millennials made simple

Social media is an extremely important marketing tool to reach the younger generations. Despite Instagram’s surging popularity, Facebook remains the number one social media platform for restaurants.

Get Discovered by More Customers Today

Thousands of Hungry Diners. Are They Finding Your Restaurant?

Food is your business. Technology, SEO and Menu management is ours. People search for menus online before ever leaving their couch. We've been helping and enabiling restaurants for a whilte, so we're pretty good at it. Our goal is to get your business famous and reach new customers.